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 Identities Goodness me, this is far more difficult than I have imagined! One of my main characteristics is being an extraordinarily chaotic and superultra organised man at the same time. (Don’t ask, it’s possible!) No need to tell you I was afraid of this section. How to put all this... erOdr of mine in Order?Identities…

Goodness me, this is far more difficult than I have imagined! One of my main characteristics is being an extraordinarily chaotic and superultra organised man at the same time. (Don’t ask, it’s possible!) No need to tell you I was afraid of this section. How to put all this… erOdr of mine in Order? 

Urggahdufha…who am I?

Let’s start from the facts.
Angelos Georgopoulos
Born in December 1989 – don’t count, I ‘m 26
Brought up in Athens, Greece, middle class family (I think)
1 brother – 1 father, Panagiotis (Panos) – Nicholas (Nikos)
1 beloved mother (Paraskevi) + passed away back in 2009 + yes, right, cancer
Studied Business Administration in AthensGR, not passionately
MSc in Human Resource & Knowledge Management in LancasterUK, passionately
Now studying (bachelor) Elementary Education in PatrasGR, ultrapassionately baby yeah

I dream of my career future working life in two levels.
In a micro level, combining the reality of a primary school Teacher (being with and educating kids) with the (macro level) Education Administrator’s one (setting the context for the Teacher – kids interaction). Thus, I am currently practicing creatively interacting with kids, while trying to build a strong academic identity.

I love being with children (of all ages, count some adults here): I admire and adore how they look like, their face (innocent, truly pure) – they can’t hide anything, and also how they interact with each other. I am often jealous of them.

I am a Dramatic Play Facilitator – don’t google it, I ‘ll explain.
I am member of a truly amazing team called Parodos Arts Team that combines theater with kinetic – rhythmic games to educate (in the wider sense) children; encouraging them to express themselves, executing theatrical improvisations and playing. It’s magical.

I am a Christian Orthodox. Trying to be one, actually. It takes some conscious, vigorous and continuous effort to do it be it properly, and I have not yet combined all 3 elements.

I am an always moving guy. I like doing something all the time – so, my days are always pretty full and carefully scheduled. I am restless untill I am half-dead – sleeping for 23 hours in a row.

I love Summer Camps. I am going 35 days every summer for the past 17 years. (hm, that’s 595 days – more than 1 and a half year of my life!)

I love cycling! When I don’t hate it because I am so tired or my butt hurts cause of the many-hours-in-the-saddle. I love making the most of me, physically and mentally. (longest trip: 210km – 6h 49m, most intense exam period: 20/20 modules).

I love being in the countryside. Kind of bored (and disgusted, actually) of the urban scenery. I like nature; being there, observing it smelling it feelingit. Being Human.

I love music – harmony and meanings. Often I look up the lyrics and dwelve into the stories and the imagery. Be it rock, classical, techno, electro, folk, traditional.
I l o v e dancing. Synchronising the rhythmic music with the body moving can be truly ecstatic (I admit, here, some alcohol may help). I can dance absolutely everything provided I am appropriately accompanied.

Friends say I am creative. I like finding solutions to problems. I like dreaming of an alternative reality. Imagination is the best tool to navigate in uncertainty of today. I like writing poems. I like drawing (i am not good at it, I like it). I like constructing things from used materials.

I love fusing everything around me with meaning. Situations, events, images, songs, phrases, faces. I love asking why. Often is way too tiring, but it’s fun and beneficial putting things in order; using stimuli to fire your thoughts, mix it with feelings, connecting seemingly irrelevant threads [in order to produce something (reality) representative (in a way) of your inner state. Be it a text, a drawing, a poem, you name it.]
If you don’t creatively produce, you don’t exist.

I love observing people.
How they look like, what they (seem to) think, how they (seem to) feel,  how they move, how they interact with each other. From friends to strangers to myself.

I love meeting new cultures and interacting with diverse people. Been to 18 countries in 3 continents so far. I had been living for 2 months in Kolkata, India, teaching Maths and English to children-in-need, sharing the flat with 8 more people from all around the world! I had also been living for 4 months in Bilbao, Spain, as a student at the University of Deusto, having 3 superduperultramazing flatmates (Kasia, Emre, Adalberto hiiii!!). Needless to say I like travelling, meeting – knowing – accepting – encompassing diversity. Exploring what is common in all humans, and simultaneously, what makes each and every one of us so special.

I like reading since it is a thought-provoking activity and as I… think is clear so far, I like thinking. But, I can surely say I spent more time on buying books I’d like to read than actually reading them. One day I want to take a year off and read EVERYTHING.

I have a strange relationship of love and hate with the rules. Any kind of rules.
I drink a lot of coffee. I enjoy food but I can eat whatever does the job. I like playing with words. I hate slow internet and slow computers. I dislike the ones in society that live at the expense of the rest. Surely, I am naive. I draw conclusions out of few facts. I can be really stubborn and selfish and willful. I also usually overestimate my capabilities in relation to the available resources (time, money, energy).

I am a last-minute guy. Always…

And finally,
I am not a professional cyclist. I am not a regular cycle tourist either. I do not occasionally go on big trips or have the appropriate equipment. I have never done couchsurfing before. I know it exists. Most say it’s cool and safe. We ‘ll see.

I am just a normal guy that wants to explore our world!

                                                               aa  a

off you go!

in Greek : https://awesomeride.cc/poioseisaire/




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