Hm… One-year plus three months actually. (The initial plan was for exactly one year, but as things turn out I have to extend the duration)

15 months – 60 weeks
8 in Europe
8 in the U.S.A
12 in South America
13 in Africa
7 in China
6 in Russia
6 in Europe

60 all-around-the-world weeks – Yeah!

Some days, though, I look at this timetable and I am wondering whether this is possible.
I am pondering: Will I be fine with that pace?
You know, the thing is I don’t want and plan to cycle all day everyday… All day yes, actually, but occasionally; that is 1 full day of cycling: 10-12 hours (apr. 180km) and then staying/exploring my surroundings for 3-4 days. That’s the plan, a flexible plan, needless to say.

UPDATE (14/3/2016 – Bogotá, Colombia – Part A) :
And the answer is… No, I was not fine with that pace.
It was way too fast.. Not that I couldn’t physically go with it, but the purpose is to explore, not to just pass through places and take some photos. So, you may now call it an A.S.W.M.E trip – hehe. Truthfully, I don’t know how much is gonna take. I love Latin America and it’s not very expensive and I want to make the most out of my time here. It very much depends on my budget. I already needed to work for a bit en route to make some money, and if need be I am going to work again.

I call it a fast forward slow motion trip.
There is a voice inside me saying: “One year for the whole world? that’s insane, you won’t understand anything about each country”.
True, I will not immerse my self for a long time in the local culture and that’s something I would like.

However, there is also another voice saying: “the goal is to get a glimpse of what it means to be a North American, an Argentinian, an African… Just for a bit, take a shot of what it means to live on planet Earth on year 2016. How does it look like this colorful human veil above the Earth?

Slow motion because of the medium.
I like that part. I like the lonely-cycling piece of the puzzle: thinking, contemplating, daydreaming, listening to music, feeling the surroundings while going… slowly. And tsup – another place, different people, a new story!

Yes, but why not more than one year???

Hm…well, this is due to both practical reasons and matters of personal will. On the one hand I have to be in Greece by the end of 2016 to carry out my military service and on the other hand I need to focus on my studies, finish the Uni, get into a school class and TEACH! 😀

UPDATE (14/3/2016 – Bogotá, Colombia – Part B) :
Both of the above will happen whenever I go back to Greece (I may have some issues with the first, but…)

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