Hi there!

Being here is a form of supporting me while I am on the go.
Just seeing that people come around and/or share stuff, you know… it makes you feel good 🙂  However, there are some more ways to support this expedition if you fancy:

Either by contacting me because you, or a friend of yours somewhere around the planet, can host me 

or by donating a small amount of money:

  • Through PayPal or Credit Card (like buying something online):
  • Through my Bank Account:
    Angelos Georgopoulos
    GR10 0140 4360 4360 0210 1080 588
    Alpha Bank A.E.40, Stadiou Str. – 102 52 ATHENS

Whatever the case, I would like to THANK YOU in advance!
Do not hesitate to contact me!

There is also another way!! As I am traveling I am trying to enter elementary schools (6-12 year-old children) to carry out fieldwork research for my dissertation in Education (Field: Classroom Management). If you have access to a school which is in my route I would be grateful if I could visit. The time I need to spend in the school is 3 days and I would also be happy to make a presentation of the trip, of my bike and of my equipment to the kids.
I would be glad to answer to any questions 🙂
Thank you!


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