Magical, yes!


Many have argued that this trip is pretty
Megalomanic, Modernistic and… even Meaningless.
Mindless, and… Meshuggeneh!

My answer:
I hope it won’t be Mortal.
Neither Minacious in any way

Not to mislead, though,
or be misunderstood and then mislabeled,
this trip in excess is
neither Meticulous nor Methodical

It’s just an opportunity.
Marvellous and Monumental, 
yet Mysterious and Multidimensional;
a Mettlesome endeavour

(I need to say:
It’s gonna be Mustachioed)

A Multicolored, Multiethnic,
hopefully Memorable, surely Moving,
Mellifluous adventure


If you notice the letter M up in the top of the page, you ‘ll see a train, depicting the main medium of my transportation on the Russian Part of the Journey, where I will be using the Transsiberian railway for nearly 11.000km.

…Magic is symbolically represented upon the letter M by the label  “PLATFORM 9.3/4” on top, which brings in mind the place Harry Potter started his magical journey to Hogwarts.

Closely related to this is the concept of Serendipity, as “an unsought, unintended, and/or unexpected, but fortunate, discovery and/or learning experience that happens by accident.

Many cycle tourists have used the word serendipity to refer to and describe their unexpected occurrences (Frank BurnsAlastair Humphrey, “Norma and Betty“) but my favorite one is this one by Eric and Amaya.
This couple is cycling around all Earth since 2006, having completed the amazing, truly awesome, 140.000km through 96 countries!

Finally, Nomadic Matt had posted this “learning to go with the flow” article, which is a kind reminder for me: not to get trapped into the net of the predefined tight planning and on the …Internet of time-consuming and distracting updates/uploads.

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