In a Nutshell

Hi, I’m a 28-year-old Greek guy named Angelos (Α), embarking on a 4 continent (W), 33 country and 60 week (0) adventure. Getting along by e-bike (Ε) plus the odd train/ airplane/ ferry/ bus/ truck, all the while sleeping mainly and hopefully in local’s houses (S). I have a specific goal (E): to explore our planet. Meet-understand-accept diversity, rediscover myself, explore faith, and, if possible go to 10 schools arounArgentina d the world to conduct research for my dissertation in Education. Diving into the unknown, one could say is (M)agical!

Above you can see my live map! Where exactly I am on the planet, at the current moment.
( data are imported straight from the gps 😉 )

!! N E W P O S T S !!

in English

Weeks 91 – 96 | Argentina

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in Greek

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