In a Nutshell

Hi, I’m a 28-year-old Greek guy named Angelos (Α), embarking on a 4 continent (W), 33 country and 60 week (0) adventure. Getting along by e-bike (Ε) plus the odd train/ airplane/ ferry/ bus/ truck, all the while sleeping mainly and hopefully in local’s houses (S). I have a specific goal (E): to explore our planet. Meet-understand-accept diversity, rediscover myself, explore faith, and, if possible go to 10 schools around the world to conduct research for my dissertation in Education. Diving into the unknown, one could say is (M)agical!

Above you can see my live map! Where exactly I am on the planet, at the current moment.
( data are imported straight from the gps 😉 )




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!! N E W P O S T S !!

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Weeks 91 – 96 | Argentina


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