St. Photios Greek Orthodox National Shrine, St Augustine

Sunday, February 21, 2016

St. Photios Greek Orthodox National Shrine is “an institution of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America … dedicated to the first colony of Greek people who came to America in 1768. The Shrine consists of exhibits depicting the life of early Greeks in America and the development of the Greek Orthodox Church in America, and the St. Photios Chapel.” (

I really enjoyed the exhibits, the long story of Greeks in North America and the importance of the Church and the priests in the life of Greek-Americans. Something that stroke me was the debate about what language should be used in the Divine Liturgy, with those born and raised in the States sometimes preferring English over Greek. I also saw a very interesting and short documentary that you may enjoy watching too:

St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church, Myrtle Beach

Sunday, February 2, 2016 

Such a beautiful congregation! The Divine Liturgy was only in English. There was a nice choir at the back of the Church. The priest was very clear and focused on his words. Pure joy! Oh! I almost forgot how impressed I was by the order and the great participation in the Holy Communion! Line after line… Impressive for a Greek…
(I also enjoyed the coffee and the sweets after the Service, and all parishioners were very welcoming 🙂 )

St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Washington

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Magnificent church and Divine Liturgy (in Greek and English)!
Enjoy the wonderful Byzantine hymns in the audio below!

(I was in a very crucial point those days as I had a very intense pain in my knee and I was really worried as to what should I do.
Thank God, for the guidance He provided and the resolution from pain)

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral, New York

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A beautiful Divine Liturgy, in Greek and English!
It was a great pleasure for me that my father saw me in the church during the Service as all of the services are broadcast via live-stream! You can listen to the audio track below the very nice chanting and also you can see this video to learn more about the Cathedral.

(You can also listen to the very nice, simple and to-the-point sermon on Theofaneia, at 01:11:48)

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral of New England, Boston

Friday, December 25, 2015  –  Christmas!


The Divine Liturgy was mainly in Greek and I enjoyed it a lot, since there were months without attending a Service in Greek. Right after the Service there was coffee offered in a big hall under the church. There were exhibits and photos relative to the history of the parish.. There were also honoring plaques for Greek-american veterans and for the priests that had been previously serving the congregation.

What was of great pleasure for me was the fact that during the coffee time I met the Papadopoulos family and I was invited to participate in the Christmas lunch at their house.
It was an honor for me!

(The first is the Divine Liturgy, and the second is a little bit of chanting after the Service, which I recommend you to listen becuase it’s very beautiful)


Holy Resurrection Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Boston

Sunday, December 20, 2015

My first Service in the States was such a blessing. I had been working on my computer all night, so in early Sunday morning I decided I ‘ll go to the nearest Orthodox Church, even if I had no sleep at all. Thank God I did.
This Divine Liturgy was……magical! Or, better, mystical. THE Holy Mystery…
I was amased from the very first moment..
The choir was… like angels were singing – I was shuddering every 2 minutes.
The priests were so INTO the Mystery… So humble… So faithful… You could tell…
Except from the children there, there was absolute silence and everyone seemed to be very focused. People were modest and concentrated and you could see that. There was order and calmness and peace…
I was also astonished looking at the two sign language interpreters.. for some deaf people that were themselves chanting the bits they knew… but chanting with their hands….!!!
(The Service was in English. However, there was bits of Russian, Bulgarian and Greek)
This day will stay in my heart forever I think. This Liturgy was… Divine! The whole atmosphere was so spiritual and I was so absorbed and touched I couldn’t help but thinking the following days that… GOD! You are real! And we can receive you through the Holy Communion!  You, your body and blood – not something that reminds us of you, but YOU in reality! That’s crazy!
I spent almost 2 weeks in Boston and I really much enjoyed all of the Services in the wonderful parish of Holy Resurrection. The only negative was that I was reminded how sometimes we, the faithful, go to church… a bit absent minded, thinking of other stuff, being sleepy, not really seeking God’s presence…
(Below you can listen to the Divine Liturgy. The first audio is not in Byzantine style. My favorite part is from 1:40:00 onwards. The second audio clip is in Byzantine style and…well, I can’t find a part of it that I like more)

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, Wilmington

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Well, there are no words to describe how blessed and fortunate I was those days.
It’s Friday night the 29th, I am at Ocracoke (Outer Banks, North Carolina) when I google “orthodox church near me”. I realise that the closest (and at my route) church is 230 km (143 miles) far…! Saturday the 30th, I have the longest ride of my life, covering 230 km, carrying 25 kg (55 pounds), without electric assistance (my bike is electric).

Thank God!
I found myself in this warm church, in this warmer congregation!
I spent the whole week in Wilmington and I have to say this week was the most intense I had in the States. It is really touching to feel that people care about you and help you without having to earn nothing from you.

For more on what happened right after the end of the Divine Liturgy read here (close to the end of the page).

The following is a “thank you message” I sent to the people of St. Nicholas and was published in the Monthly Newsletter among with their answer.


I suggest that you listen to the inspiring sermon below on Zaccheus’ great desire to meet Christ, at 01:03:10, by Deacon Thomas!