Holy Resurrection Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Boston

Sunday, December 20, 2015

My first Service in the States was such a blessing. I had been working on my computer all night, so in early Sunday morning I decided I ‘ll go to the nearest Orthodox Church, even if I had no sleep at all. Thank God I did.
This Divine Liturgy was……magical! Or, better, mystical. THE Holy Mystery…
I was amased from the very first moment..
The choir was… like angels were singing – I was shuddering every 2 minutes.
The priests were so INTO the Mystery… So humble… So faithful… You could tell…
Except from the children there, there was absolute silence and everyone seemed to be very focused. People were modest and concentrated and you could see that. There was order and calmness and peace…
I was also astonished looking at the two sign language interpreters.. for some deaf people that were themselves chanting the bits they knew… but chanting with their hands….!!!
(The Service was in English. However, there was bits of Russian, Bulgarian and Greek)
This day will stay in my heart forever I think. This Liturgy was… Divine! The whole atmosphere was so spiritual and I was so absorbed and touched I couldn’t help but thinking the following days that… GOD! You are real! And we can receive you through the Holy Communion!  You, your body and blood – not something that reminds us of you, but YOU in reality! That’s crazy!
I spent almost 2 weeks in Boston and I really much enjoyed all of the Services in the wonderful parish of Holy Resurrection. The only negative was that I was reminded how sometimes we, the faithful, go to church… a bit absent minded, thinking of other stuff, being sleepy, not really seeking God’s presence…
(Below you can listen to the Divine Liturgy. The first audio is not in Byzantine style. My favorite part is from 1:40:00 onwards. The second audio clip is in Byzantine style and…well, I can’t find a part of it that I like more)

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