St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, Wilmington

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Well, there are no words to describe how blessed and fortunate I was those days.
It’s Friday night the 29th, I am at Ocracoke (Outer Banks, North Carolina) when I google “orthodox church near me”. I realise that the closest (and at my route) church is 230 km (143 miles) far…! Saturday the 30th, I have the longest ride of my life, covering 230 km, carrying 25 kg (55 pounds), without electric assistance (my bike is electric).

Thank God!
I found myself in this warm church, in this warmer congregation!
I spent the whole week in Wilmington and I have to say this week was the most intense I had in the States. It is really touching to feel that people care about you and help you without having to earn nothing from you.

For more on what happened right after the end of the Divine Liturgy read here (close to the end of the page).

The following is a “thank you message” I sent to the people of St. Nicholas and was published in the Monthly Newsletter among with their answer.


I suggest that you listen to the inspiring sermon below on Zaccheus’ great desire to meet Christ, at 01:03:10, by Deacon Thomas!

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