Weeks 18, 19, 20 – Βοca Raton, Florida

On the 24th of February I reached Boca Raton (mouse’s mouth). There I found my uncle, who I had many years to see, and I was VERY fortunate to spend the next 20 days with. Uncle Christos had already arranged for me to get a job in a renovation project, cause I had spent SO much in the USA – I desperately needed to make some money. I had 20 days to work hard, arrange all orders and deliveries in regard to the bike and the equipment and pack properly to fly to Colombia. It was 20 hard days but also 20 beautiful days. Very beautiful.

angelos boca raton georgopoulos
Work & Tick

And this is mainly because I spent a lot of time with my Uncle… I am so happy about that. And I want to send a message to all of  you out there. Go spend some time with your relatives – your parents, your siblings, your uncles… go out, eat together, ask questions, do stuff together, tighten your relationships. Ask QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS. There are so many things you would like to learn but you didn’t get the chance to form the questions. There are so many stories you would like to listen to but you didn’t have the opportunity to wonder about. Details about persons, about incidents, about personal matters… Go interrogate your relatives – hahaha!

The best!     😀     😀

In Boca Raton, apart from ordering and receiving stuff and working I also did a proper cleaning of my clothes and of my equipment. I bought a special cleaner and had my tent, mattress, sleeping bag (!!), waterproof jackets cleaned!

Screenshot (364)
I ordered so many stuff that needed replacement, or special spare parts for the bike, new (steel) rack, shoes from my new sponsor (DZR Shoes!), an international sim card, a taser (safety reasons), a selfie stick, nfc tags for my cell, plus, plus!

This is a short and funny (I think) video demonstrating my time working 😀

This is a short video of some random moments in Boca Raton, as well as my ride to Miami and back.

And this is my time trying to pack the bike with the majority of my stuff into the box (39 kg!)

I Like!


2 thoughts on “Weeks 18, 19, 20 – Βοca Raton, Florida

  1. Hello! I met you at Duffys with your uncle Chris. Jessie, the bartender. I wish you luck on your journey. It was a pleasure to meet you. I asked Chris how I could follow you on your journey and he gave me this site of yours. I was an honor to meet someone who could even endure this. Good luck and safe travels!


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