Holy Trinity, Quito, Ecuador

Sunday, July 31, 2016

The church is located at the “Casa de Moscu” (The House of Moscow), at the very heart of the Ecuadorian capital. The building is not used as a whole, but the church at the top floor hosts a lively community of Russians. There are some locals too, but Russians are the vast majority.
Something that I noticed was that before receiving the Holy Communion there was something like a pause for confession. This is something that I had seen again in the past once, in a Russian church in Europe. Four or five people went for a quick confession and blessing (10-15 minutes) and then the service started again.

I was very lucky as the Metropolitan visited the Parish in one of the three Sundays that I attended the Holy Liturgy and thus had the chance to take his blessing. The greater part of the Liturgy was in Russian, but there were also some bits in Spanish, as the priest (who is from Russia) knew Spanish pretty well.



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