The story so far

Best friend’s, George, present in March 2015

I trace the root of my desire to travel the world in a child memory I have. Being at my aunt’s place, hearing her counting backwards the days to vacations. She could tell you right away when there is a bank holiday, and how many three-days-in-a-row you ‘ll get off-work this year. Now I can see this is nothing particurlarly bizarre.

I am 25 and I have the feeling I am teenager again, facing all these questions that were important back then. Finished school, university, maybe did a masters, worked for some time, and then, asking yourself: Ok what do I really wanna do with/in my life? Spending time like being on your early 20s is a luxury right now. You need something more stable, be it a place to live on your own, a stable relationship, a normal salary.

The thing is that you exchange a great part of your teen-world for these. I don’t wanna be deterministic or dogmatic here, but I think you would agree that having a world tour, or even a eurotrip or the transsiberian is not something you can easily do while working in a multinational or having two kids.

Having lived for some time abroad (UK, Spain, India), Ι realised what it means this phrase I am listening to since childhood, this “broadening your horizons” moto. Indeed, investing on intercultural understanding can truly broaden your horizons. And let me specific on that: having true friends from all around the world, developing in practice empathetic skills – “to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within the other person’s frame of reference”‘… Well yes, this is what makes you Human. So, in early 2015 I said, Ok, dream of a trip, dream big and you ‘ll find a way.

As Odysseas Elytis, one of the two greek poets awarded with nobel prize, puts it:
Desire gives birth to the road on which it wants to walk. It leaves. . .
(Windows toward the Fifth Season, Orientations, 1941)

Below you can find some pics in regard to the preparation. I will update this soon, with a more detailed description of the stages of the whole project.





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