Goodbye Chanté + Francistown – Nata .

I met Chanté in Cape Town, on February
The second day she told me she wanna join me, cycle Africa, do something interesting
She sold her car and bought a bicycle
Started cycling around the neighborhood
In Bloemfontein, where we went together, at her family house now
… and one day we left,
By car until the borders
And then cycling
More cycling
Chilling and cooking
Some more cycling
Always careful of our glucose levels
moving slowly
Taking nice photos on the way
Meeting locals
Taking naps
Fixing flat tyres
And then cycling again
Or terrified
Or walking
Until the sunset
Eating by the road
Like locals do
Or having amazing dinners
And awesome naps
At locals’ farm houses
Ready to go!
To explore Africa
Beyond the
Tropic of Capricorn
Unfortunately however, life as a roling stone, didn’t last for a long
Chanté had to go back. Her New boss wanted bimonthly meetings
And now I am alone again
Me and the bicycle
And maybe some elephants
Alone… working my way into being transparent

9 thoughts on “Goodbye Chanté + Francistown – Nata .

  1. Πανέμορφες εικόνες που μας μεταφέρουν στην εκει πραγματικότητα!
    Ένας κύκλος κλείνει για να ξεκινήσει κάτι καινούριο!
    Καλές διαδρομές!!!

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  2. Κρίμα για την Chante. Όταν μοιράζεσαι είναι πάντα καλύτερα… Aλλά όπως λες κι εσύ, keep cycling!
    Επιτέλους έμαθα γιατί ακούω καλύτερα από το δεξί αυτί !!! 🙂
    Κράμπες= έλλειψη μαγνησίου= τρώγε μπανάνες
    Οι ηχογραφήσεις με ενθουσίασαν! 🙂
    Καλούς δρόμους Άγγελε, φιλιά!

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  3. – Την κιθάρα την είδα 🙂
    – Ναι ολα αλλάζουν, τα πάντα ρει
    – Προσοχή στα ζώα ε!

    Liked by 1 person

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