Incredible Nigeria

There is hope, my friends!!!

What I had been struggling with for 35 days got resolved in three and a half hours. A tweet was enough to bring back the smile on my face..

Well… not just a tweet. But also the prompt and coordinated effort of the head and the staff of the Nigerian Immigration Service. It seems that these are the right people at the right places.

 To his honor, the head of the Nigerian Immigration Service, Mr Muhammed Babandede responded to my tweet in very short time, letting me know that he will approve the visa. The head of a huge organisation, with so many responsibilities and things in his mind, found the time to help me out.. !

Same holds true for the people of the Nigerian Immigration Service, and specifically for Mr. Amos Okpu, who literally instantly got in touch and help me move forward. I now have my letter of approval. I will get visa on arrival!

This is fascinating news!! Not only because it really saves me a whole lot of money, time and frustration, but also -and maybe most importantly – because it is really a success story. There is hope! In my eyes, this is the new face of Africa. There will always be problems, but this is strong evidence that there are people commited to change. People who listen, understand, and act efficiently and effectively. People who respect. I have no words really, I am very happy!!

I am going to Nigeria!!! 😂😂😂

6 thoughts on “Incredible Nigeria

  1. Φίλε μου άγγελε καλησπέρα!Ελπίζω να είσαι καλά!Γράψε μου να χαρώ το πώς είσαι?που είσαι κ αν όλα είναι καλά.

    Στάλθηκε από το Ταχυδρομείο Yahoo σε Android


  2. Άγγελε σε χάσαμε! Είσαι καλά; Όλα καλά; Που βρίσκεσαι βρε παιδί; Γράψε και σ’ εμάς κάτι που περιμένουμε πως και πως να μάθουμε νέα σου!


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