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I realised this format, country by country, is unrealistic.. Newer posts, in English and mainly in Greek, are to be found in Άτακτα.

Status Update - My lovely brothers and sisters, I salute you. I will start this short note with a small poem I wrote: DEBT A! I O U I am in Switzerland. I had to pause for a bit wandering with my bicycle because of debt accumulation. I have some money in the bank but they are not… Continue reading Status Update
Incredible Nigeria - Flabbergasted and amazed by Nigerian Immigration Service… Continue reading Incredible Nigeria
Disappointing Nigeria - Humiliated and insulted by Nigerian representation in Cameroon… Continue reading Disappointing Nigeria
Weeks 120 – 128 | Sudan - Πού πάμε μετά; – νότια. τι έχει κάτω από την Αίγυπτο; ωραία φάση λέμε το  Σουδάν τι ξέρω για το Σουδάν; σχεδόν τίποτα. ένα πράγμα βασικά. ότι στο Χαρτούμ, που είναι η πρωτεύουσα, ξεκινάει ο ποταμός Νείλος. Στο μυαλό μου έχω το Σουδάν ως «μια πιο βαρετή Αίγυπτος». Είναι από αυτές τις ιδέες/πεποιθήσεις που έχεις και… Continue reading Weeks 120 – 128 | Sudan
Weeks 101-119 | Egypt - Κάποιες εντυπώσεις από την Αίγυπτο...!… Continue reading Weeks 101-119 | Egypt





Weeks 91 – 96 | Argentina - Oops… one step back to Chile… I received a surprise-video from Alain Feytie, from France, who I met with his lovely wife, Régine while cycling towards the Chile-Argentina borders. I have no words to thank Alain for this really really beautiful video! Enjoy. And now, at the same time period, my own video attempting to… Continue reading Weeks 91 – 96 | Argentina
Weeks 80 – 90 | Chile [B] - The second part of an unforgettable Journey in Chile. My time in Santiago and the 5th crossing of the Andes mountain range.… Continue reading Weeks 80 – 90 | Chile [B]
Weeks 78 – 79 | Chile [A] - Weather-beaten and pretty tired I headed to the borders. I had approximately 10 days in and around the Bolivian salt flats. I was over exposed to rain and sun, my eyes were not completely healed, I was eating bread and bananas for the last 3 or 4 days and the bike was in a proper… Continue reading Weeks 78 – 79 | Chile [A]
Weeks 72 – 77 | B o l i v i a - Left Puno and the beautiful Titikaka Lake to head to Bolivia. I stayed in Puno for 8 days being mainly focused on writing the post about Peru. I think Puno was the cheapest place I ´ve been so far in South America, liked it 😉 I wanted Copacabana to be the first place I would… Continue reading Weeks 72 – 77 | B o l i v i a
P e r u - Some months before leaving my house in order to travel I had written about the trip: “ I call it a fast forward slow motion trip ” – It’s true! I can ride 250 km in one day, 601 km in 3 days in a row, and 1800 km in 2 weeks, and at the… Continue reading P e r u
Weeks 38 – 53 | E c u a d o r - Why 3 months in such a small country like Ecuador? Ecuador is the most diverse country I had ever been in my life. From West to East we have: the Galapagos islands (wildlife refuge with incredible biodiversity), the Pacific Coast (beautiful beaches, famous for surfing), the Andes mountain range that consists of some of the most… Continue reading Weeks 38 – 53 | E c u a d o r
Part C, Riding Colombia - WoW! I just counted how many weeks this post is about… Time flies and I am on the same mood.. It’s hard and incredibly time consuming to write a post, because… it’s not just writing.. Imagine that for the video you are gonna find at the end, I had to watch more than 450 video… Continue reading Part C, Riding Colombia
Week 26 – Gachancipá, Colombia – Interview with Jaime the Poet -  “Ελληνάαααααςς!” This was the first greek word I listened to from a Colombian person. Jaime speaks Greek fluently, because he spent 3.5 years in Thessaloniki, Greece. He is friend of David, my Bogotan friend and I met him at a party we had in Bogota. He told me: Why don´t you come at my place… Continue reading Week 26 – Gachancipá, Colombia – Interview with Jaime the Poet
Part A – Bogotá, Colombia - My story in Colombia starts 3 months before I land in its capital, Bogotá. It is December the 12, 2015. I am in Paris, France, where I meet Manuela, a friend of a good friend of mine. Manuela is a super-lovely Colombian person who hosted me for one night in Paris in her super-tiny apartment… Continue reading Part A – Bogotá, Colombia

U.S.A | Weeks 8 – 20

USA – My essay - I have to admit that I liked the pun in the title… What you are about to read is far from an essay… It is more some random thoughts on my time in the States and my view of the American lifestyle as I experienced it for 3 months, riding from Boston to Miami (The Atlantic Coast… Continue reading USA – My essay
Weeks 18, 19, 20 – Βοca Raton, Florida - On the 24th of February I reached Boca Raton (mouse’s mouth). There I found my uncle, who I had many years to see, and I was VERY fortunate to spend the next 20 days with. Uncle Christos had already arranged for me to get a job in a renovation project, cause I had spent SO much in the… Continue reading Weeks 18, 19, 20 – Βοca Raton, Florida
Weeks 16, 17 – Carolinas, Georgia, Florida - This time I would like to share with you a story of cold days and wet nights. A story with many mood ups & downs. I would also like to introduce  you to some cool people I met. It is a strange story since there is not a common underlying theme (apart from the fact of… Continue reading Weeks 16, 17 – Carolinas, Georgia, Florida
Weeks 14, 15 – Virginia, North Carolina - Tuesday, February 9th, 2016 How can it be that good? Honestly. I am thinking what to write about and I bring in mind all these last days in Wilmington and then I read my last post about my days in Richmond and….. honestly, how can it be that good? Earlier today I caught myself trying… Continue reading Weeks 14, 15 – Virginia, North Carolina
Weeks 11, 12, 13 – New York, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C - Τhis is Monday, the 18th of January, 2016 Washington DC – 14:32 I am writing from a Barnes & Nobles / Starbucks – bookstore / cafe right now. If we consider myself and my equipment (all the stuff I carry in this trip) as one, I am so spatially  e x p a n d e d… Continue reading Weeks 11, 12, 13 – New York, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C
Weeks 8, 9, 10 – Massachusetts - Hello World (part I), 28th of December of 2015, here. I am typing these words having already spent 11 days in Boston. That’s a lot, but actually I am kind of stuck here as I am waiting for a package and I can’t leave before it arrives. It should have been here before Christmas, but… nope.… Continue reading Weeks 8, 9, 10 – Massachusetts

EUROPE | Weeks 1 – 7



The Story so far I - So, at some point during my childhood, an incident happen that shocked me a litle bit in regard to “the world of adults”. I was at my aunt’s place, hearing her counting backwards the days to vacations. She could tell you right away when there is a bank holiday, and how many three-days-in-a-row you ‘ll get… Continue reading The Story so far I
The History so far - Of course I am not the only one finding e-bikes appropriate for something more than daily commuting or in-the-city-rides. There are already some people who attempted long distance e-bike cruises, and actually, there is a couple riding right now on Europe to set a new e-bike long-distance World Record. Let us meet them: A Spanish… Continue reading The History so far